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"A Community Tattoo Removal Project"

The Program

NOTE: March 2016. We do not have a medical laser at the present time. We are working to secure a new one as soon as possible. Please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

Fresh Start is a FREE community program offered to qualified individuals to have some of their gang affiliation and incarceration tattoos removed for FREE as a public, community service. We help remove tats from the hands, face and neck that might interfere with the job interview process or life in general.  If you are trying to help yourself, we will try to help you.

E-Mail Dr. Ores: drdave.lesm@gmail.com
Office Tel: (917) 723 4206
Mobile: (917) 723 4206

WEBSITE: www.freshstarttattooremoval.org/

The Story

Mr. Carlos Iansen and David J. Ores MD (aka Dr. Dave of the Lower East Side of Manhattan) are at first glance an odd couple and in many ways from very different worlds. However, they both have tattoos and they have an idea which may help people in the NYC area.

Dr. Ores is a medical doctor on the Lower East Side of Manhattan who removes tattoos professionally. Mr. Iansen lives and works in NJ and has a gang affiliation tattoo he wants removed as he enters a new phase of his life. Mr. Carlos and Dr. Dave were introduced by tattoo artist /  owner Mario Barth of Starlight Tattoo....

Mr. Iansen, "I met Dr. Dave when he was removing tattoos and he offered to remove "Baby Crip" off of my fingers (see inset photo) at no charge. Just to help me out. I was really appreciative and impressed. We talked about the situation and we came up with the idea to find a way to reach out to more people who may benefit from the same service."

So Mr. Carlos and Dr. Dave have teamed up to offer something back to the community. Laser Tattoo Removal. Together they have created a website / medical service to offer laser tattoo removal at no charge for people who have gang affiliated tattoos and / or incarceration tattoos they want removed.

Dr. Dave, "People who are now in a new phase of their life sometimes find that visible tattoos can interfere with the job interview process. Face tattoos, neck tats / visible tats.... certain gang or prison affiliation tattoos from a past life can be a real obstacle for people trying to land a new job. There is also a question of confidence. The tattoos of the past may send out a message the person no longer wants to send out. What people trying to improve their life don't is one more obstacle to overcome."

Mr. Iansen and Dr. Ores offer this free service for visible tattoos of the hands, face and parts of the neck. These are tattoos people obtained in gang life or while incarcerated and now they are trying to lead a new life. And it's for people who otherwise could not really afford tattoo removal on their own which can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. it can take as many as 10 to 15 treatments to remove a tattoo.

Mr. Iansen, "It is also a Catch-22 in that tattoo removal can be very expensive and these tattoos can reduce employment opportunities, especially in jobs where the person interacts directly with customers and these tats do not send out a message the person (or the employer) wants out there. It's completely up to the person if they is something that may help them in life, we are here and happy to help them."

We are now trying to reach out to NYC area websites and services who might be willing to add our page as a link to theirs (and vice versa). Services or programs who serve people with job training, post prison services, gang related job programs....etc... And to also reach any people out there with a tattoo situation who may want a little help to get ahead.

More ink BEFORE removal?

Dr. Ores also suggest , in some cases, that people consider having their tattoo transformed into un-readable symbols first by having a skilled tattoo artist ADD a small amount of additional tattoo ink / lines and THEN begin the laser removal process. In that way the message/symbol is instantly obliterated by adding a little more tattoo ink.  A additional line here, a curve there by a tattoo artist and the original message or symbolism is instantly gone. Dr. Ores is friendly with many tattoo artists and is currently seeking out a few artists who will help out in this manner.

Mr. Iansen, "Dr. Dave is willing to help and I can help organize and manage this small but potentially helpful service. Getting the job or not getting the job can make a huge difference for some one trying to improve their life and move on to a better place. It's a win win for everyone."

Dr. Ores can be reached by e-mail or through the business website of Dr. Ores. Just ask about the "community tattoo removal program".

The website of Dr. Ores also has links and more information about the tattoo removal process and his community oriented medical practice.

Thank you and we wish all our clients and friends great success and a more positive future.

Mr. Carlos Iansen
David J. Ores, MD

David J. Ores, MD  |  189 East 2nd Street  |  NYC, NY 10009  |  (917) 723 4206  |  drdave.lesm@gmail.com

Hours: Monday to Friday, 3-6 p.m., Saturday by appointment. Closed on Sunday.